Rare and Exotic Animal Photography Workshop

From: £195.00



Merrist Wood have a fantastic collection of rare and exotic animals, some of which are of conservation importance!

The workshop includes a full day’s photography at Merrist Wood College where you will be able to photograph a variety of animals from their fantastic collection.

No previous experience of photography is required for this workshop, it’s limited to a maximum of four guests to ensure all participants have ample time to get the images they are after.

This workshop operates on a minimum of four guests.

What to bring

A DSLR (unfortunately the Canon 2000D and 4000D don’t work with 3rd party strobes) or a mirrorless camera with a standard hot shoe is needed to do this workshop. We recommend a zoom lens that covers the range 50-300mm or similar and a macro lens. We highly recommend www.lensesforhire.co.uk if you would like to hire photographic equipment.

A tripod is too cumbersome to use but you could bring a monopod if you prefer. Please ensure the batteries of your camera are fully charged, there are power points for additional charging available throughout the day. Also remember to bring plenty of memory cards as it’s surprising how many pictures you will take. Please bear in mind to wear suitable clothing as they can get dirty because of soil and free roaming birds.

For this workshop we use the super fast Profoto D2 and Pixapro CITI400 Pro lights plus modifiers, various props and backgrounds.

Your own packed lunch and a drink, tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.


Merrist Wood College
Holly Lane


09:45 Arrival (coffee/tea included)
10:00 Introduction
10:30 Session 1
12:30 Lunch (NOT included)
13:15 Session 2
14:45 Coffee/tea (included)
15:00 Session 3
16:00 Wrap up and close

animals GENERALLY available

Von der Decken’s Hornbill
Galah Cockatoo
Brown Necked Parrot
African Grey parrot
Three Banded Armadillo
Ring Tailed Coati
Sugar Glider
Sulcata Tortoise
Tree Toed Box Turtle
Flower Back Box Turtle
Cuban Rock Iguana
Black Throated Monitor Lizard
Australian Water Dragon
Frilled Dragon
Spiny Tailed Gecko
Reticulated Python
King Rat Snake
Corn Snake
Royal Python
Pine Snake
Kenyan Sand Boa
Cali King Snake
Violet Winged Grasshopper
Vietnamese Stick Insect
Asian Forest Scorpion
Chilean Rose Tarantula
African Bull Frog
Big Eyed Tree Frog
Cane Toad
Laos Whipping Frog
Horned Frog
Alligator Snapping Turtle


The welfare of the animals is paramount. All animals are handled by Merrist Wood and Chameleon Photography dedicated handlers only and we take great care to ensure a safe environment for both our animals and workshop participants, including respecting any dislikes or phobias.

Supported needs

Please contact us if you have supported needs.