Breathtaking Costa Rica 28th October – 11th November 2019



Join us to Costa Rica on an amazing photographic tour visiting various national parks, nature reserves and exclusive private locations. A wildlife spectacular you will never forget.

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It contains approximately 5% of the world’s species. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with spectacular wildlife including howler monkeys, capuchins, sloths, spider monkeys, reptiles, amphibians and over 860 species of birds including humming birds and the magnificent resplendent quetzal.

We will visit Tortuguero, Sarapiqui, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Palo Verde, Manual Antonio and San Gerrardo de Dota. Make sure you bring plenty of memory cards on this amazing wildlife tour.

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Day 1:

Arrival in San Jose.

Transfer to our Hotel Presidente where we stay for one night.

Day 2:

Transfer to Tortuguero where we stay for 3 nights at Laguna Lodge.

Day 3:

Tour; visiting the National Park by private boat. Keep your camera ready as you can see a wide variety of animals during this tour; Monkeys, Iguanas, Snakes, Caymans, Jesus Christ Lizard and many different kind of birds.

Day 4:

Tour; visiting the National Park by private boat.

Day 5:

Transfer to Sarapiqui where we stay for 2 nights at the Rainforest Lodge.

Day 6:

Tour; visiting Frog’s Heaven. Frogs Heaven is a family project located in Horquetas of Sarapiqui. They started in 2009 creating and reproducing different species of frogs which are native to this area. They planted special trees to attract not only frogs but also birds and sloths with great success. The guide from Frogs Heaven will take us along a tour and gives us the opportunity to come up close and personal with different types of frogs like; Barred Leaf Frog, Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, Ghost Glass Frog and the famous Red Eyed Tree Frog.

Day 7:

Transfer to Monteverde where we stay for 2 nights at the Cloudforest Lodge.
Tour; Monteverde night walk. When the sun sets in Costa Rica the jungle comes alive. Monkeys and birds will find a nice spot to sleep and other animals are waking up. Our guide will provide us with a flashlight and will give us interesting details about the nature and wildlife surrounding us.

Day 8:

Tour; visiting the Hanging Bridges. There are 15 hanging bridges with a 3 km long trail through the cloud forest! The views of this lush green forest are incredible.

Tour; Monteverde Nature Reserve.

Day 9:

Transfer to Palo Verde where we stay for 2 nights at the Ensenada Lodge.
This hotel is situated right at the Palo Verde mangrove. This area is quite different from the other areas and therefore you will be able to see many different species. This is a great place to see; Frigatebirds, Roseated spoonbills, Hawks and Pelicans.

Day 10:

Boat tour; the tour is on the Bebedero River where you can observe many varieties of birds such as: Crested Caracara, Common Black Hawk, Peregrin Falcon, Osprey, Laughing Falcon, Mangrove Swallow and many others. You will also have a chance to see Monkeys, Crocodiles, Iguanas and Raccoons

Day 11:

Transfer to Manuel Antonio where we stay for 2 nights at Hotel Playa Espadilla.

Day 12:

Tour; visiting the National Park. Manuel Antonio is famous for it’s abundance in wildlife like sloths, iguana’s, raccoons, white nosed coati’s, deer and the cute squirrel monkey!

Day 13:

Transfer to San Gerardo de Dota, the perfect place for bird lovers, where we stay for 2 nights at the Trogon Lodge.

Day 14:

Private Quetzal tour; our guide will try and help finding one of the most beautiful birds in the world for us. Seeing one is an unforgettable moment, they are mesmerising birds.

Day 15:

Transfer to the airport and fly back home.


This tour operates on a minimum of four participants and a maximum of eight.



$5449 US Dollars

$600 US Dollars

Included in the price:

Hosts/travel guides, transport, tours and accommodation

  • Experienced photography hosts (Roy de Ruijter, Geoff Read & Janette Hill) who will accompany you during the trip.
  • Local certified English speaking guide for the whole of our tour.
  • Transfer to and from San Jose airport
  • Transport (shared) by bus and boat to Tortuguero from San Jose.
  • One night in San Jose including breakfast.
  • Three nights in Tortuguero, all meals included.
  • Two private boat tours in the national park Tortuguero with guide.
  • Transport (shared) by boat and bus from Tortuguero to Guapiles
  • Our own private AC (Coaster) bus with driver from Guapiles until the last day of the tour.
  • Two nights Sarapiqui including breakfast and supper.
  • Guided visit to Frogs Heaven, lunch included.
  • Two nights Monteverde including breakfast and supper.
  • One night walk with a guide.
  • Visit of the hanging bridges in Selvatura park.
  • Two nights Palo Verde including breakfast and supper.
  • One boat tour in Palo Verde.
  • Two nights Manuel Antonio including breakfast and supper.
  • Two nights in San Gerardo de Dota including breakfast and supper.
  • One private Quetzal tour.
  • All hotels/lodges are based on bed & breakfast including supper with the exception of hotel Presidente in San Jose which is breakfast only and Laguna lodge in Tortuguero where all meals are included.

What is not included:

  • International flights/transport to and from Costa Rica/San Jose airport.
  • Some airlines charge airport tax. This needs to be paid in cash and will be approximately $30
  • Meals other than mentioned. Expect to pay between $5 – $12 dollars for a sandwich lunch including a drink.
  • Personal expenses like insurance and tips.
  • Optional tours.