Macro Photography

Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates come in all shapes of glorious colours and sizes. A well-taken photograph of those animals is something to delight in.

animals GENERALLY available

  • Frogs (Red Eyed Tree Frog, Vietnamese Mossy Frog, Snowflake Whites Tree Frog, Blue Poison Dart Frog)
  • Lizards (various Chameleons, various Gecko’s, Cuban False Chameleon, Ridge Tailed Monitor and many more)
  • Snakes (Corn snakes, King snakes, Boa’s, Hognose and Royal Python)
  • Spiders (Chilean Rose Tarantula, Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, Brazilian Giant White Knee Tarantula, Brazilian Black Tarantula, Martinique Pink Toe Tarantula, Sazimai Blue Tarantula and the Regal Jumping Spider)
  • Other Invertebrates (Praying Mantis, Burmese Millipede, Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect)

The welfare of our animals is paramount. All our animals are captive bred and no animal is ever taken from the wild.